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About Us


Light Skin Limited is an official Distributors of Faiza Beauty Products

Faiza Beauty Cream is founded by Riaz Ahmed Poonia & Fiaz Ahmed Poonia (Poonia Brothers Pakistan) in 1990.

Now Faiza Beauty Cream is available in new metelized and small packing. Real Faiza Beauty Cream Trade Mark Number is 223190. We also won the best barnd of the year awards from last couple of years. We warn all fake manufacturers.

Faiza Beauty Cream is the first product of Poonia Brothers Pakistan and it is authenticated by PCSIR and also get the Brand of the year award in last four years. It gets amazing response from all over the pakistan and women’s first choice to remove pimples and spots.

Valuable experience of Mr. Riaz Ahmed Poonia & Fiaz Ahmed Poonia’s complete know how of beauty products market and close business relations with the traders all over Pakistan, all these distinctions provide sound grounds for Faiza Beauty Cream to be one of the most prominent, successful and admired unit in Pakistan (With the Grace of ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY).